Creating globally competitive products and processes through Advanced Manufacturing research

The North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (NW CAM) is a new trans-regional centre for the research and development of innovative solutions and is funded by the EU’s INTERREG VA Programmes which is managed by the SEUPB. Catalyst Inc is the lead partner in the delivery of the project.

NW CAM links the academic capabilities of Northern Ireland, Republic Of Ireland and West coast of Scotland to develop and deliver, in partnership with industry partners, 15 world leading research projects within the Life and Health Science sector. The collaborative research projects have the potential to deliver global products and processes that can be licensed throughout the world. 

NW CAM Objectives

  • Increase the level of cross-border collaboration throughout the region eligible for Interreg funding (NI, ROI & West Scotland), focused on Research & Innovation (R&I) for Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Increase the number of Life & Health Sciences sector companies engaged in commercially driven, cross-border Advanced Manufacturing R&I;
  • Further develop the regional economy through the development of new products and/or processes within the Life & Health Sciences Sector; developed as a result of the application of Advanced Manufacturing technologies;
  • Increase the awareness of the potential of Advanced Manufacturing as an enabling technology within the Life & Health Sciences Sector and other sectors key to the Region’s current and future economic success.

Research Projects

The 15 individual Research & Innovation projects span the following Advanced Manufacturing areas:  

  • Nano-manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Polymer Products
  • Sustainable Manufacturing

The projects are lead by investigators who are world leaders in their respective fields and delivered by 13 post-doctoral researchers and 13 PhD students that are creating innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the industrial partners. The students will dedicate their course of study to these problems and will be intensively trained to become our innovators of tomorrow.

    Case Study

    Nu Print Technology & James Watt Nanofabrication Centre at University of Glasgow

    The research focuses on Painted Conductive Ink Technology; the printing of electronic circuitry on flexible labels to provide interactive labelling. This leading-edge project will be especially useful in hospitals where patient wrist labels could contain information on medication that can be checked to ensure the correct medicine is being prescribed and taken by the patient. It can also be used in food safety, as illustrated in this recent TechWatch article.

    Knowledge Sharing

    For outputs of NW CAM to benefit as many people as possible we will be hosting appropriate academic papers, journal articles and conference papers in an open access format; available articles of interest are:

    Conference Paper, Dublin Institute of Technology, June 2018

    Developments in Large Scale Additive Manufacture (Richard Ward, Shaun Mc Fadden, Justin Quinn)

    A Review of Powder Bed Fusion for Additively Manufactured (Ryan Harkin, Dr Justin Quinn, Dr Shaun McFadden) 

    A Review of Thermal Modelling for Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes (Anna Harley, Justin Quinn and Shaun Mc Fadden)

    “Advanced manufacturing is the future and in our economy we need more globally competitive products and processes. NW CAM enables industry to collaborate with academia at an earlier stage while minimising their risk. The opportunity to be at the leading edge of this research will improve their competitiveness as well as the potential to create more high value jobs in the Knowledge Economy – which has a benefit for the economies of the three jurisdictions.”
    Norman Apsley OBE, Catalyst Inc CEO

    Get in touch

    Our NW CAM team based at Catalyst Inc would be happy to help with any enquiries you may have. Email nwcam@catalyst-inc.org

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