Tenant Story – iManage

Added Friday, June 3 2016

We were delighted to attend the official opening of one of our recent tenants – US software company iManage,

We at the Science Park are pleased to welcome Ian Raine back to the Science Park and through his efforts and the support of InvestNI, to meet Geoff Hornsby and iManage, who have established a software engineering centre at the Science Park in Belfast.

Life is never dull in Digital Technology. Ian came first to the Science Park with Queens’ spin-out Meridio, stayed after the mergers with Autonomy (a Cambridge University spin-out) and then moved offsite with HP (a spin-out of the US university system, albeit long ago) and now returns with iManage.

Ian is the latest in a growing band of technologists cycling through spin-outs and back again, with their skills and knowledge growing at each turn of the cycle. They represent the prodigious talent that is growing our knowledge economy. It behoves us all in the challenging times ahead to remember who our new heroes truly are and to work hard to give them the support they need for all our sakes.

Read more at http://imanage.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Invest_Northern_Ireland_iManage_Belfast_Office_Press_Release.pdf


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