Re-Imagining Work Experience has officially launched!

Added Friday, February 16 2018

Reimagining Word Experience

A new programme from Generation Innovation at Catalyst Inc

“Our people are the driving force of our economy. It is their talent, creativity and hard work that attracts investors to Northern Ireland, helps local businesses to thrive and grow and generates ideas for new enterprises” Draft NI Industrial strategy - Economy 2030

At Catalyst Inc we realise that the current system of work experience is not delivering for some of our sixth form students and during the last twelve months, through our Generation Innovation programme, we have engaged with over seventy schools across Northern Ireland to ideate and validate a three day model to best introduce our future talent to the opportunities which exist across knowledge economy companies.

We are excited to announce the launch of our first Generation Innovation ‘Reimagining Work Experience’ pilot for sixty Year 13 students across NI to spend three days working on a challenge set by a range of innovation companies. During the three days, young people will work as part of a team to ideate, create and test their prototypes before presenting their work to the company’s senior management team. We believe that this pilot programme will allow successful applicants to develop their 21st century skills, work as part of an effective team on a ‘real’ business challenges, receive feedback from employers and enhance their understanding of future employment opportunities in Northern Ireland. As we continue to progress towards our vision of ‘building a community of innovators so powerful that its people can change the world’ we begin to look more closely at where the talent pipeline to change Northern Ireland starts and how do we best prepare our young people for the changing nature of job roles.

Our education system is underpinned by the commitment to help develop our young people as a ‘contributor to the economy & environment’ and given how time poor teachers are coupled with the regionalisation of our industries, the rapid changing nature of technology and its impact on employment - does the current work experience offered to students, as part of the Department of Education’s strategy of ‘Preparing for Success’, really fulfil the need of school leavers and businesses?

While we can continue to prepare our sixth form for traditional careers in medicine and teaching as we have always done, how do we effectively demonstrate to those with less vocational aspirations?

The world of work is changing at such a rapid pace that even those who are already in it frequently struggle to imagine how job roles, new companies and existing industries could change in five, let alone 10, years. Digital disruption is impacting every industry and every aspect of the workplace, often with largely unforeseen consequences. As our most recent knowledge economy report states; it is essential that we equip our young people with the skills that will help them in their future employment.

If you are interested in being part of our pilot please go to for more details and how to register.