It’s Your Time for Pitch@Palace

Added Friday, July 27 2018

There’s always a lot of talk about product ideas, markets and projections. But when you come down to it, creating and growing a successful business is all about people. The challenge is that the people who can make the most difference to your business are the hardest to get to.

But just imagine you could gain entrance to a gathering of the top executives and investors in the UK. Add to this, the opportunity for you to say which ones you’d like to meet – oh and you can even suggest a few you’d like to be specially invited!

This is what makes Pitch@Palace unique and invaluable to those who participate. 

You now have the opportunity to apply to be part of Pitch@Palace 10.0

This year it is Northern Ireland’s turn to hold one of the three regional Pitch@Palace on Tour events. The winning companies from this will get automatic entry to the main Palace event on 8th November. This is normally held at St. James Palace in London in the presence of His Royal Highness The Duke of York KGB.

We believe this is an amazing opportunity for any ambitious entrepreneur, but don’t just take our word for it. Christine Boyle, founder of Senergy and Irene McAleese, co-founder of SeeSense, are two of a number of entrepreneurs from Northern Ireland who have taken part in previous Pitch@Palace events.

Christine Boyle said of her experience:

“For Senergy, the Pitch@Palace journey brought a global network of business advisors, mentors, supporters, investors and most importantly customers. Our success in the competition and now being an alumni of Pitch@Palace has opened up opportunities to grow, scale and succeed that never would have been available locally. If you believe "It's Your Time" then get your application in!”

Talking about the breadth of support provided, Irene McAleese commented: 

“Pitch@Palace was a fantastic experience. The Bootcamp provided an opportunity to hone and refine our pitch and the main event at the Palace was a wonderful experience. The best part is the on-going support - Pitch@Palace have been kind enough to help promote product launches and our crowdfunding equity raise via their social media platforms, and I was invited to speak at an event at Hillsborough Castle, further developing connections and our company profile.”

Established by The Duke of York in 2014, Pitch@Palace has helped over 490 businesses grow, with some now enjoying global success. 

The aim of the Pitch@Palace On Tour events is to provide Entrepreneurs from across the United Kingdom with the opportunity to connect with local stakeholders and receive mentoring to develop their businesses. Invited guests at the Belfast event will hear from over 20 local start-ups, all hoping to progress to Boot Camp and ultimately to the Palace.

So, if as Christine said ‘you believe it’s your time’, apply for Pitch@Palace 10.0 now. There’s a simple online form for you to complete and make sure to tick the box for Pitch@Palace On Tour Belfast. This automatically gets you into the judging process to be one of the 40 or so companies who will get to pitch to an amazing audience in a royal palace in London in front of the Duke of York and possibly other members of the Royal Family. 

Tempted - here are a few facts to help you decide:

  • Companies who win through can ask the Palace to invite named top people. No matter how important they are, few refuse an invitation to the Palace and the staff will ensure that you get to meet your ‘picks’. This could be transformational for you.
  • Pitch@Palace 10.0 will be a room of over 400 people at a level which would take you years to make a connection – if indeed you could. CEOs of top companies, decision makers across many industries.
  • The themes for Pitch@Palace 10.0 are very broad – see below.
  • All you have to do is a 3 minute pitch using one slide. So there’s little preparation and it’s all about the quality of what you have to say.  
  • It’s not just about start ups. Many are of course, but we’ve seen companies pitching who have already had an series ‘A’ investment round.
  • Clearly there’s a lot of publicity to be had – just look at the Pitch@Palace website.
  • Catalyst Inc has been working with this Duke of York initiative since it was estbalished so we can really help you get it right to get the most out of the opportunity.
  • Around 25 companies will have an extra bite of the cherry to get through to the Pitch@Palace 10.0 event in London by pitching at the Belfast event.

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you that this isn’t just yet another pitching competition. Take a look at the website, apply and also tick the box to say you’d like to attend Pitch on Tour Belfast, which is taking place on 21st September at Ormeau Baths.

We look forward to seeing you at the Palace!

Themes for Pitch 10.0 :

  • Biotech and Medical Technology
  • Consumer Technology and Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Educational Technology
  • Energy, Environmental and Renewables Technologies
  • Fintech
  • Fitness Tech
  • Health and Wellbeing Tech
  • Industrial Technology
  • Materials, Substances and By-products
  • Media, Communications and Entertainment Technology
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
  • Smart Cities
  • Other

If you have any queries about Pitch@Palace 10.0, please contact Alan Watts or Paul Clancy.