Catalyst Inc tenant company Automated Intelligence in Transport for London deal

Added Wednesday, August 1 2018

Automated Intelligence (AI) based here at Catalyst Inc in Belfast has been selected to integrate data from Europe’s largest ever infrastructure project, Crossrail, to Transport for London’s (TfL) Cloud platforms.

The Elizabeth line will become part of TfL’s network when it opens. AI's data remediation solution AI.DATALIFT will perform data profiling on the information migrated. They will then remediate and migrate 42tb of Crossrail data to TfL.

One of the unique propositions that AI provided to Crossrail is the use of a portable data centre, Microsoft Data Box, to transfer large data volumes securely. AI are the only Data Box partner in Europe.

Mark Godfrey, CEO of Automated Intelligence, said, “Quick and accurate access to the integrated Crossrail data will be essential to the ongoing support of the Elizabeth line management and maintenance.

“With tens of terabytes of data and a strict December deadline, this is a large-scale and hugely significant project and we will be a key component of the handover process.”

Congratulations to the Automated Intelligence team, great to have you based at Catalyst Inc.