Frameworks Workshop - Protecting your IP

12 - 2pm, 22 May, 2018


You’ve developed your product, and the market is interested. But what sort of license arrangement do you need to have in order to deliver the product to customers while protecting your ownership of your product? Getting the correct legal arrangement is critically important, since the integrity of your ownership of your IP is central to the value of your company. 

Connect member company Mills Selig Director Kathryn Walls will take you through the cruicial elements of:

  • What constitutes a license
  • The key components of a license
  • How IP owners can protect IP through licenses
  • How IP owners can maximise corporate value through licenses
  • The most common problems in licenses

Kathryn will be joined by a panel of entrepreneurs who will share their experience in protecting their IP. 

Who should attend:

Entrepreneurs, innovative individuals with a business idea, start-ups and early stage businesses. 


Lunch is included
Tickets are complimentary but do please let us know if you are unable to make it!

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