Frameworks Workshop - It's time to think about GDPR

12 - 2pm , 15 May, 2018


In this Frameworks Workshop Connect member company and Tech lawyers Forde Campbell will discuss the impact on start-ups and young companies of the General Data Protection Regulation, which is enforceable from May 25th. In contrast to popular belief, which pushes GDPR to the forefront of the queue of tech entrepreneurs’ 3am worries, Rory Campbell will show that GDPR has a number of important benefits for companies who are supple and imaginative enough to adopt the GDPR culture – rather than simply aiming for barebones GDPR compliance.

In particular, Rory will:

  • Provide practical steps towards compliance without involving lawyers;
  • Explain the drivers of GDPR, to show how it aims at a data culture beyond mere compliance;
  • Explain the benefits of the GDPR culture for tech companies, and the benefits of early stage GDPR culture adoption;
  • Introduce the concept of privacy by design, explaining its “gold star” GDPR status;
  • Provide a realist’s view of the likelihood of significant GDPR fines, and explain how the Information Commissioner prefers to deal with non-compliance; and
  • Give an expert overview of current business attitudes towards GDPR, to prepare tech companies for commercial deals with GDPR overachievers and underachievers alike.

Who should attend? 

Innovation focussed entrepreneurs and Startup entrepreneurs or Co-Founders  


Lunch is included  Tickets are complimentary but do please let us know if you are unable to make it!

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