4IRC Digital Identity: Inclusive or invasive?

6.00pm - 8.00pm, 01 November, 2018


Join the #4IRC Connect Shapers as we explore the future of digital identity and it's far reaching impacts politically, societally and for business. The discussion will focus on:

  • What technologies are changing the world of personal identification? 
  • With these advances in digital identity technology, how do we ensure privacy and control of data? 
  • Will the UN's programme ID 2020 lead to a more fair society for all? 
  • Where are the most beneficial impacts; societally, politically or in business? 

This discussion aims to challenge perceptions and open conversations with students and academics, business and the start-up community. Everyone is welcome to attend, and the audience are encouraged to participate. We are delighted to be partnering with Innovation Afterhours at The Graduate School on this 4IRC event. Food and refreshments will be provided on arrival. 

Connect Shapers: Kevin Gannon & Ailis Mone, PwC and Christian Heath, Danske Bank 

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