Catalyst Inc

At the Heart of Innovation

Catalyst Inc is Northern Ireland’s next generation science park. We are a not-for-profit organisation that invests the surplus generated from our agile workspace and facilities, providing the underwriting necessary for the community-led development of our entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem through Connect and Capital Match.

Key to our model is the co-location of major technology corporations, world-class research and startups. Over 3,000 engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and executives work in our campuses in Belfast, Derry/ Londonderry and Ballymena.

A community of innovators so powerful that its people can change the world.

This is based on our passionate belief that innovation has the power to transform NI into one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial and inclusive knowledge economies by 2030.

Our mission is To 

Provide the home, networks and empathy to nurture anyone with the talent and ambition to produce world leading products and services.

Catalyst Inc Real Estate

Our ‘business ready’ hubs offer flexible lease terms whether you need one desk or one building. Every agile workspace has superb telecommunication with resilient Tier 1 internet provision, secure 24/7 access, support services, meeting facilities, onsite catering and parking. Catalyst Inc campuses are the ultimate knowledge economy environment; a place infused with energy, creativity and possibility, where physical space plays a crucial role in the needs and aspirations of the modern innovator.

Every aspect has been designed around our desire to enhance the performance of our tenants.


We believe that entrepreneurs are the most important people to the future of Northern Ireland’s economy. Being an entrepreneur is tough - so, we provide a way for our most experienced people to volunteer their time, share their experiences, contacts and collective intelligence to give our entrepreneurs an advantage. The result is a powerful network; a community of researchers, experienced entrepreneurs, executives, investors, legal and financial experts, and our diaspora united together to help make our most promising entrepreneurs more successful.

Our membership model enables Northern Ireland’s main knowledge economy stakeholders to set the direction and create the conditions for the grassroots volunteer effort to flourish.

Capital Match

Capital Match provides intelligent and highly focused sources of fund-matching for high-growth-potential knowledge economy companies, principally graduates from the Catalyst Inc Springboard programme.

Capital Match operates by building extensive personal relationships with multiple sources of funding largely outside Northern Ireland. These are venture capitalists, funds, family offices, syndicates, investing groups and selected experienced individual investors.